Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My first Inglot haul

Hello hello!!
Inglot is one of the brands I always wanted to try. A looong long time ago they had sales, so I decided it was time to pay them a visit. At first, I was very disappointed because almost everything was out of stock. So, I didn't buy anything on my first visit. The second time I went, I found almost everything I was looking for, except for palettes to put everything in. The only availiable palettes they had were the 20 eyeshadow ones (hmmm....). After contacting the company via facebook, they told me to visit another store (which is aproximately 1h and something away from where I live), and I did. I found some palettes there with no discount though ( the only store that had palettes in stock sold them at full price hmmmm x2 ). That was something really frustrating. That and the fact that the staff wasn't helpful at all. Furthermore, they didn't have any blush palettes, so my blush is still "naked" many months after I bought it. My experience wasn't what I expected it to be, but let's talk about the products now!!
I bought five eyeshadows, one blush, one lipstick (in a pan) and one concealer.
First of all, I like the fact that the eyeshadows come in a square shape. They are really really pigmented, smooth and easy to work with. The palettes are magnetic, not at all convenient. Once you put the eyeshadow in it it's impossible to remove it, plus the magnets are so strong that I frequently hurt my fingers. Despite all that, I still believe that the quality of the product overcomes the packaging issues.
The colours I bought are :
- no 355, a matte nude colour (I love to use it on the brow bone).
- no 501, a light grey with silver shimmer.
- no 487, a cool toned pink with silver shimmer.
- no 68, a very pretty cornflower blue (it also has some silver shimmer)
- no 65, a bold black colour with silver shimmer. (it is very pretty when used as an eyeliner)
They had a big blush collection! I bought just one for starters and I am pleased by its quality, so I will be back for more! I bought colour no 55 which is a dusty rose pink colour. It looks good with any make up look I create. The consistency is veeery smooth. A great product with a low price.....I just wish I had a palette to store it!
The concealer isn't anything special. I bought it for highlighting purposes, so I don't really care that it's not covering everything up. The pan contains very little ammount of product in my opinion, but I thought to give it a try, since the price was very appealing.
Lastly, the lipstick! The pan form is totally inconvinient, but I was looking for that exact colour for a long time, so I didn't pass the chance. You need a lip brush, unless you don't mind getting messy. And once again, the ammount of the product you get is poor.

I will definitely go back for more. I think the eyeshadows and the blushes are good quality and I recommend them 100%. I would like to try some of their lipsticks too. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them!
cu soon!


  1. Με γεια σου!!! :)
    Οι σκιές που επέλεξες είναι υπέροχες..

  2. Everything you bought is just perfect! Great choice of colours, now I want an Inglot blush too! Hm, And concerning the palettes available, I have a brow shadow waiting for its palette too, they did not have round ones when I bought it. I agree with the quality and price balance they keep!

    1. Hehe!Thank you! They are really nice and reasonably priced. They told me that the round palettes are discontinued. The square one fits them though!

  3. αντε με γεια!
    μηπως ειδες τι παλετα εχουν για ρουζ , και ποσο εχει , γτ κι εγω τα δικα μου ετσι χυμα τα εχω!!:Ρ

    1. Ευχαριστώώώ! Είχε σίγουρα μονές και τετραπλές. εκείνες τις μέρες που πήγα είχαν μόνο παλέτες για πούδρα, μου είπαν οτι χωράνε δύο ρουζ και αν ήθελα να την πάρω αλλά δεν... :P Η μονή είχε γύρω στα 5 νομίζω αλλά δεν είμαι και σίγουρη. Πρέπει να πάω κάποια στιγμή γιατί μου τη σπάει το πλαστικό :P

    2. οταν πας δες και στειλε μου!
      κι εγω τα εχω κανενα διμηνο ετσι!!!
      η οζα στα ποδια εννοεις φανταζομαι!!! ειναι τελειο χρωματακι , ακρως καλοκαιρινο μιντ γριν , erre due to 67!

  4. Τέλεια, μεγεια, καλοφόρετα....όλα τα καλά γενικά!!!Οι σκιές που διάλεξες είναι υπέροχες!
    Εγώ λατρεύω τις σκιές της Inglot....
    Νομίζω ότι η παλέτα για τα ρουζ είχε 10 ευρώ (δεν είμαι απόλυτα σίγουρη)

    1. Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ!! Είναι πολύ καλής ποιότητας όντως!
      Ευχαριστώ και για την πληροφορία!!

  5. Soo nice haul. I want too something from Inglot :D

    1. Thank you! You should definitely go and check their products out! Let me know if you get anything. xx

  6. εχω δοκιμάσει πολλά inglot products και ναι ειδικά σκιές και ρουζ είναι από τα πιο καλά! Εγώ έχω μια τετραπλή παλέτα με ρουζ έχουν πολύ ωραίες αποχρώσεις

    1. thn exw dei thn paleta sou fusikaaa! einai teleia!!xx

  7. Thn epomenh fora tha pame mazi inglot :P
    I think I might have to try a blush ;)