Monday, April 1, 2013

Marie Dalgar Unlimited Extension Mascara

Hello guys!!
Well, I am that kind of person that likes super dramatic lashes even in the morning! I hate mascaras that all they have to give is colour and I find them completely useless.
Marie Dalgar company guarrantees 300% extension of your eyelashes! Quite promising, right? It comes in a luxurious magnetic case, when you open it you see two tubes. But what's the use of them? The one (the big one) is black mascara and the second one contains Fiber.
How to use it :
1- Apply a layer of the mascara.
2- Before it dries, apply a layer of Fiber.
3- Apply another coat of mascara.
Repeat as many times as you like until you get the desired result.
For me, usually once is enough, but if I am going for a false lash effect, I do it twice.
The result is great. It keeps the curve of the lashes and it stays in place even though it is not a waterproof mascara.
I thought it would be hard to remove it because of all these layers and fiber, but it's not at all. It costs 25 euros, which might seem a lot to some people, but I think it's worth every cent. I have very sensitive eyes and I didn't notice any irritation at all.
You can find more about the product here.
Let me know if you have tried it or what's your favorite mascara!!
*The product was sent to me by the company.


  1. την θέλω και γωω!!! :) θα χαρώ να γίνεις μέλος στο μπλογκ μου.

  2. αχ την αγαπησα κ εγω πολυ


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  3. Έχει εκπληκτικό αποτέλεσμα.. :)

  4. Υπέροχη κ σε σένα!!Δες αν θέλεις πως ειναι κ σε μενα