Friday, March 15, 2013

☺ My new love : Marrakesh Products! ☺

The first time I heard about Marrakesh I was like "whaaaa??" and that was because their products contain hemp oil which comes from cannabis plant. I was really curious to see how hemp can benefit skin and hair.
First impressions :
The packages of the products are very well designed and remind me something of middle east which I love. Everything smells a-ma-zing!
1. Hemp Lip Balm Sunripened.
It is a stick lip balm that smells like berries (yummy!). It is one of the most moisturising lip balms I have ever tried. It is creamy, not sticky at all, and it makes your lips soft the second after you aplly it. I often use it at night, waking up with the softest lips, ready to put the driest red lipstick ever.
2. KaHm
KaHm is  a straightening and smoothing serum for the hair. It really has the best smell in the world, warm and sensual, once I use it I cannot stop sniffing my hair :P 
It contains Argan, Hemp and Vegetable protein. It's results are temporary and it rinses out with only one wash. 
My thoughts about it? How did I ever live without that product. I have very thin wavy hair. I style it straight quite often, but the next day (after sleeping on it), my hair looks like hell (neither straight nor wavy). 
I use 3 drops on towel-dried hair and then I style it using only the hair-dryer (no flat iron needed). The result is hair looks shiny, very very soft and super straight. I wash my hair every other day, but between that I shower. I went in the bathtub without a shower cap, and after I got out my hair was still as if I had straightened it that exact moment. I used it on super curly hair and the results were the exactly the same. I was always in search of a good straightening product, since humidity is one of my biggest enemies, especially in the summer, and I am very happy that I finally found it!
3. Tattoo Tonic Miracle Oil
This is a 100% natural oil that heals and protects tattoos and piercings, and...........not only! It can also be used for : minor cuts, chemical burns, sun burn, scar prevention, intense dryness, toenail infection, skin disorders. The product has a strong herbal scent, that reminds me of tea tree.
I am a tattoo addict and I try to take good care of my tattoos. Even though I didn't have any fresh ink, I put it on and it made the colour of my tattoos look more vibrant. I use it from time to time in order to keep them moisturised, and I think it's going to be great as an after-sun tattoo treatment. Another surprise : I remove the hair from my mustache area using wax. After I am done, the skin turns red and the next days the area becomes really dry and starts to peel off. I used 1-2 drops after waxing and I never had the same problem again.

~~The products contain natural ingredients, no mineral oils, dyes, sulfates, propylene glycol, phthalates or parabens. They are 100% vegan and drug and cruelty free!~~ 

If you are interested in any of the products you can find them here. They usually have discounts or special offers!
Let me know if you have any further questions about the products or your opinion if you have tried any of them.
See you soon!
*The products were sent to me by the company.


  1. Θελω κι εγω ομορφα μαλακα και λαμπερα μαλλια!!!:Ρ
    τα εβαψα στο κομμωτηριο!!!
    αληθεια σαρεσαν??
    δεν τα ηθελα τοσο εντονα τα πανω :( και τωρα δνε ξερω τι να κανω τα κατω..

  2. they seems so good! i've never see them in italy!

    1. try searching online! they are worth it!!xx

  3. πολύ ωραίο το blog σου..σε ακολουθώ..αν θες ρίξε και εσύ μια ματιά στο δικό μου.

  4. Love that they use hemp in their products!

    Have the best weekend,

    1. lol :P
      I hope you had a great weekend too!xx

  5. Ε λοιπον εγω πιστευω οτι ο καλυτερος συνδιασμος μαλλιου κραγιον , ειναι χαλκινομαλλες με πορτοκαλι χειλη!!!
    αποκλειεται να μην σου πανε!!:)
    μαλλον δν τα εχειςν συνηθησει πανω σου :Ρ

    1. einai wraio to portokali re gmt! 8a koita3w gia to mat pou eleges!