Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Orofluido Conditioner & Beauty Elixir

Hello everyone!
So......lately I have this obsession over hair stuff. I am always in search for good hair products. Orofluido was kind enough to send me their conditioner and beauty elixir to try out.
First impressions :
-their packaging is really luxurious (gold and black). They are definitely the kind of bottles you want to display in your bathroom :P
-they have a really delicate (kind of addicting) smell. It reminds me of almonds and vanilla.
Orofluido products contain Argan oil ( which is supposed to strenghten the hair, leaving it light and silky), Cyperous oil ( which provides natural protection against free radicals, makes the hair smooth and voluminus, manageable and flexible) and Linseed oil ( which smooths and seals hair cuticles and gives shine). After using both products for a long time I noticed that my hair looked healthier, shinny and super soft. I don't know if that really happened, but it feels like my hair has gotten thicker than it used to be.
The conditioner has a pump, which turned out to be very helpful, as it lets out as much product as needed for one use. It has a semi thick consistency, almost a bit runny, which was the only downside for me, as I often use my conditioner as a hair mask. Another thing I liked about it is that it made it really easy for me to detangle my hair after using it. It costs 13 €, which might be a little pricey for some people, but, in my opinion, is quite alright for a professional hair product. (watch out for offers and discounts)
The Beauty Elixir is a thick amber coloured oil. It can be used before washing your hair as a hair treatment, before styling it (on wet hair) as a heat protector or afterwards, to smoothen your ends. A little bit goes a long way though, so be careful not to put a lot because it might make your hair look greasy. Another plus is that after use, my hair doesn't lose its volume. This is a more expensive product, it costs 29 €, but it will last you over a year for sure.

If you are interested you can visit their website or facebook page (here you can find out about the offers they have from time to time). If there are any other questions you have about my orofluido experience, feel free to leave me a comment and I will answer it right back.
Have you ever tried any Orofluido products? What is your opinion about them?
cu soon


  1. Don't even get me started - I love buying hair products and always find somethin new I 'need' to have!


  2. It looks so luxurious!!I got a whiff of the shampoo the other day and it smells sooo good!! :)

  3. Ουαου! Πολύ ωραία παρουσίαση! Έχω ακούσει τόσα..διαβάζω και το ποστ σου..ΟΚ,, ΘΕΛΩ ΝΑ ΤΑ ΔΟΚΙΜΆΣΩ!!!! Αχ αυτή η μυρωδιά τους είναι όντως τόσο ωραία ε..? Μπήκαν στη "λίστα" ;-)


    1. ωωω! Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ :) Μυρίζουν πραγματικά υπέροχα! xx

  4. It's fantastic
    I use it for years and it is wonderful
    Grest post sweetie :)